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The method of business advertising has changed, and today, everyone is choosing online channels for marketing. In short, people are now investing in digital marketing. If you want to expand your business, it is essential to have your business website.

The website can reflect your business appropriately. Furthermore, only having a website is not a single requirement to get business efficiency. You need the required website traffic and search engine ranking to get the maximum number of leads. PPC or Google ads are one of the services that are ideal ways to bring traffic to your website.

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PPC refers to Pay per click where the advertiser needs to pay a determined amount to Google or other digital media if any user clicks on the ads. The advertiser advertises his/her website/services/products by showcasing ads on Google (search engine) and other digital mediums.

The promoter also bid for specific keywords from search engines to allow their website to display on the top result on the SERP. The competitive bid with a good quality score ad will become visible on the bottom or top of search engine results; these ads are also known as sponsored ads.

PPC has the main target to obtain traffic for the service or website placed in the ads with keywords, headlines, and descriptions. The advertiser also determines the day, time, and area for ad placement. The ads will be shown in the mentioned location, time, and place. After product research and preparation, the whole practice is conducted to know where location and what time the ads will get the utmost click or revenue.

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The other PPC types are cost per click or cost per order, and cost per thousand impressions. In cost per impression, the money gets deducted from the advertiser account for just showing the banner ad only, and there would be no navigating to the website. On the other hand, cost per click ads is all about getting charged when any user clicks on ads and redirects the mentioned link.

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The cost per click is more feasible for search ads because you can analyze how many users have come to your website or how many of them have clicked on your ads. Cost per impression ads is mainly ideal for banner ads, where you want to show your brands and banner to the users; once users will see your banners, the payment of bid will get deducted from the advertiser’s account. Ad placement on the website is a significant feature for a PPC campaign that detects how demography, audience, or age group people view my ads.

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